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Patch - Far Cry 2 : Erster Patch für die PC-Version des Ego-Shooters

  • PC
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Das erste Update für Far Cry 2 behebt zahlreiche Fehler. Den kompletten Changelog gibt's, wie gewohnt, unter diesen Zeilen.


- Fixed for difficulty level not changing health when updated.
- Fixed keyboard controls remapping in single mode that didn't carry into multiplayer mode.
- Prevent a buddy from getting stuck when healing him while receiving damages.
- Display server's IP address in lobby, beside the match’s name (for direct IP join to work)
- A ranked match that is already started will not be listed in the match list.
- Improved match start conditions.  Ranked games can now also start if the player max is attained and everybody but the host is ready.
- Fixed players with same name by using identifiers instead of names.
- Always validate the diamond pool after class upgrades, reset or rank up to avoid getting more diamonds than the player is supposed to for his rank.
- Fixed a random crash when joining a game.
- Fixed to make sure game is minimized in order to show the website when clicking on ubi.com
- Allow launching the Dedicated Server Launcher in command line.

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