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Patch - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars : Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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1.2 Fixes:
- Medic revive/health drop XP bonus (20%).
- Light weapons xp bonus (10%) (reduce the cost for each upgrade by 10%, not increasing the actual xp given).
- Threaded renderer: enable via r_useThreadedRenderer 2, when from console in main menu, can not enable in game.
- further optimization of pre-generated shadows, across all maps.
- Alternative mouse input method (enabled by default) using the Raw Input API. Disabled by setting m_rawInput 0.
- Fixed high DPI mice dropping input in certain situations.
- Added support for quadraphonic and 7.1 speaker setups.
- Made vehicle wheels appearing to clip through the ground less common.
- Fixed Titan engine shutdown sound getting cut off when switching seats.
- Spectators come to a complete stop instead of infinitely drifting slowly up or down.
- Vehicle horn sounds don't play when the vehicle is underwater.
- Fixed respawning player being visible in a standing pose over their corpse briefly when they respawn when unlockFPS is enabled.
- Sniper rifle & railgun tracers appear no matter how far away you are from the firer.
- Technician can now switch to other tools while sprinting after changing to his stroyent tool.
- Fireteams are saved across map transitions.
- Fade in vehicle panel/fireteam dialogs.
- Added tool tip explaining the time limit functionality in the play computer shell.
- Remember the chosen class when the admin forces a player to the other team.
- Added EMP effect for all deployables/vehicles while they are disabled.
- Added total XP tool tip for the different proficiency types when mousing over them in the overview tab in the stats.
- Gray out quick chat item "I'm disguised" when not in disguise.
- Lighting Pistol: Fixed not overheating at the same rate if tapping the fire key instead of holding it down.
- Fixed not graying out drop down button in admin menu when "Add bot" is disabled.
- Hide friend/foe indicators while going through the Slipgate teleporter.
- Fixed occasionally seeing a spectator's command map icon if there was a radar deployed.
- Health Packs and Stroyent Cells now have separate uses count on the stats page.
- Fixed treating mining laser objective as a destroy objective instead of construct objective with regards to stats.
- Fixed not resetting radial timer on deployable notify icon when the icon is created.
- Send a tool tip instead of a chat message when a fireteam is disbanded.
- Fixed players seeing the enter vehicle icon on the MCP when it is deployed at an outpost when another player is occupying the gunner seat.
- Fixed driver not getting a tool tip when he is kicked for driving in the wrong direction.
- Grenade Launcher: Always display "Grenade Launcher" obituary even if using bullets.
- Plasma Launcher: Always display "Plasma Launcher" obituary even if using Lacerator.
- Fixed when a Strogg player delivers an Energy Cell back to the Strogg ship, the objective icon next to his name in the scoreboard does not disappear until he dies.
- Fixed not resetting decoy charge bar when switching from driver to another vehicle seat.
- Notify client when client has been muted/unmated from text chat or VOIP.
- Joining a game in progress displays "Warm up(Waiting for more players to ready up)" in the in game scoreboard.
- If a spectator switches to spectate a player firing a one-shot per charge bar vehicle weapon the charge bar will not update properly.
- Now hides energy segments when holding the landmine.
- Fixed the charge notify icon disappearing for someone who has planted a charge, that is dead and spectating someone else while the spectatee charge explodes.
- Fixed charge notify icon not disappearing if you arm a charge you are not the owner of.
- Added option to save account password.
- Added a message history to friends/clan chats.
- Added an option to keep the message friend/clan member window open after sending a message.
- Added a Favorites source, similar to History.
- Added Time/Date information to the Replay page.
- Added Delete button to the Replay page.
- Added option to disable the Complaint popup after you are team killed.
- Added built in support for 1280x960 and 1400x1050 video modes.
- Fixed the server list getting a new list every time Play Online was entered.
- Fixed the server list getting a new list every time a filter changes.
- Fixed display of servers with in their names.
- Changed bot filter to filter out a server only if it's completely full of bots.
- Changed obituary and chat text to a smaller font size.
- Changed menu transitions to make it more obvious that there were new choices when entering the options menu.
- Adjusted energy cell drop-pod rubble in Quarry so players can't clip through it.
- Added EMP sparks and effects to "disabled" vehicles and deployables.
- Added unique hit sound for headshots.
- Slight increase in damage distance falloff for all Lacerator variants.
- Reduced damage distance falloff start point to 25% of weapon range for the Sniper Rifle and Railgun.
- Slight reduction in maximum spread for standing and crouching stances for standard Lacerator and Plasma Launcher variant.
- Reduced firing rate for Grenade Launcher variant to match the Scoped Assault Rifle.
- Reduced firing rate for Plasma Launcher variant to match the Accurised Lacerator.
- Improved initial accuracy for Pistol and Blaster.
- Slight increase to fire rate for both Shotgun and Nailgun.
- Anansi and Tormentor take longer to repair.
- Constructing the mining laser should count as a primary objective for stats purposes now.
- Outskirts: removed two deploy squares that were directly below Strogg spawns.
- Slipgate: fixed fogging on decals on the Antarctic-side structures.
- Valley: raised flight ceiling to allow aircraft to navigate more of the map.
- Volcano: fixed a number of holes in the terrain and missing faces on geometry.
- Roughly 1/3 Drop in Light Weapons and Battle Sense requirements for each level unlock from:

Level 1 10
Level 2 20
Level 3 40
Level 4 80


Level 1 8
Level 2 16
Level 3 32
Level 4 64

-Roughly 1/4 drop in all class requirements for unlocks. This means that Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Covert Ops, Field Ops and Strogg equivalents would change from:

Level 1 15
Level 2 30
Level 3 60
Level 4 120


Level 1 12
Level 2 24
Level 3 48
Level 4 96

Dateiname: ETQW-client-1.0-1.2-update.exe
Dateigröße: 283 MB

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