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Patch - Drox Operative : Reihe an Mac-Patches geht weiter

  • PC
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  • fixed some stray black pixels around the new hourglass cursor (Valgor)
  • increased the size of Drakk colony ships (Valgor)
  • added message options and drox info to game help screen
  • fixed Doomsday Wave spacing in a few places (Valgor)
  • fixed ECM Sweep Jammer typo (Valgor)
  • added basic tech name, level, and tech name for each tech on tech page (Crisses)
  • made the opening screen cool :)
  • rearranged buttons on main menu some to take advantage of widescreen modes
  • now initial ships start a little ways off of the planet
  • mimics now keep their direction and velocity when transforming
Dateiname: droxmacpatch0923.zip
Dateigröße: 7 MB

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