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Patch - Drox Operative : Neue Woche, neuer Mac-Beta-Patch

  • PC
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  • fixed opening screen bleeding into choose ship, new ship, and choose sector screens
  • changed normal sector size to medium (not the default anymore so not really normal) (Steve)
  • sped up respawn if system has a player and a quest that the player has
  • increased chances of spawning monsters involved in quests
  • added 13 types of mine fields (Bluddy)
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 9
  • doubled asteroid field chances
  • create ships screen now clears name when shown (incognoscente)
  • now will lose target lock on purpose if target goes out of range (option to keep old way though) (Steve/Cheet4h/keith.lamothe)
  • now get closest enemy to cursor method won't lock on if out of range (snow)
Dateiname: droxmacpatch0926.zip
Dateigröße: 8 MB

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