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Patch - Dragon Age II : Nächstes Update für die PC-Version

  • PC
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  • The effect of the Sunder ability now persists properly when saving and loading the game.


  • When Isabela is present in "Magistrate's Orders", Bethany no longer receives incorrect friendship or rivalry points for resolving Kelder's fate.
  • In "Magistrate's Orders", Carver now receives +5 frienship if Fenris kills Kelder or +10 friendship if the player does so.
  • Isabela no longer has a plot marker in the post-game save if the player failed to complete "No Rest for the Wicked".
  • Aveline's head no longer vibrates in "Finders Keepers" when conversing with the warehouse guard.


  • Players who choose not to log in will no longer be presented with recurring Lost Connection errors
  • Certain ambient audio no longer cuts in and out when switching between characters.
Dateiname: DragonAge2-1.04.exe
Dateigröße: 46 MB

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