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Patch - Dragon Age II : EA bringt nächstes Update

  • PC
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NOTE: Some fixes are retroactive, but not all. Players with plot-breaking bugs may need to revert to an earlier save, particularly a save prior to visiting the affected area during the current year in the game.


  • The Epic achievement was not unlocking properly for some users. This no longer occurs.
  • The Supplier achievement now always unlocks after finding at least 66 resource varieties, including resources purchased from the Black Emporium.
  • A codex entry that helps unlock the Archaeologist achievement is now easier to acquire in the Viscount's Keep during the first year in Kirkwall.
  • In many fights, enemies now move less quickly at the start of combat. This slower initial pace makes tactical positioning more useful and important.
  • If the force of an enemy attack interrupts a party member's current action, the party member now resumes the action once he or she has recovered. This means, for example, that party members who have been instructed to consume a health potion will now do so as soon as they are able, and do not need to be told to consume a health potion again if they are interrupted.
  • Enemies are now much less likely to explode into body parts upon death.
Dateiname: DragonAge2-1.03.exe
Dateigröße: 23 MB

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