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Patch - Dominions 3: The Awakening : Dominions 3: The Awakening

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Zu Dominions 3: The Awakening gibt es nun einen Patch auf Version 3.21, den ihr kostenfrei von unserem Server laden könnt.


Modding commands v3.21
· New nation modding commands: #autoundead, #zombiereanim, #horsereanim, #wightreanim,
#manikinreanim, #tombwyrmreanim, #domkill, #domunrest, #templecost, #labcost.
· New site modding commands: #mon, #com, #clear, #incscale, #decscale.

Features and bug fixes v3.21
· New spirits to summon for Jomon: Ujigami, Mori-no-kami, Kenzoku, Jigami, Gozy Mezu.
· R'lyeh dreamlands suffered from the same problem as Ermor once did. Dom-kill rate now multiplied by 5.
· Battle enchantments did not expire when leaving the battlefield by unusual means (e.g. being immortal
and getting killed), fixed.
· Shape changing could result in incorrect magic item loss, fixed.
· Wishing for a non unique item could remove too many items from the world, fixed.
· Game could crash due to too many large units on the battlefield, fixed.
· Crash during turn generation fixed.
· Improved cheat detection.
· Many random events have some fixes.
· Some rituals can now only be cast in certain terrains: Hidden in sand - waste, Mountain Vila - mountain,
Cloud vila - mountain, Leshiy - forest, Nushi - swamp, Shedim - waste, Seirim - waste.
· Hinnom PD reduced
· Hinnom start army reduced
· Hinnom Popkillers gives some unrest.
· Avvite Chariot size -> 5
· Dawn Guard -> 45
· Melqart Blood -> 3
· Ba'al Blood -> 2
· Ba'al eat Melquart event reversed.
· Onmyo-ji has got a fortune teller ability and battle summons.

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