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Patch - Dominions 3: the Awakening : Dominions 3: the Awakening

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Ein neuer Patch für 'Dominions 3'.

New Content v3.10 Mega- Patch :

* New nation: EA Fomoria. Enemy of Tir na n'Og. A nation of deformed seafaring Giants.
* New nation: LA Pythium, Serpent Cult. The dom2 theme revamped. Meet the mystery cults and soldiers of the limes.
* Nation remade: MA Mictlan, Reign of the Lawgiver. Sky priests, Moon Warriors, Jade Serpents, new heroes and a pretender.
* Nation Remade: MA T'ien Chi. New units such as apothecaries and geomancers, abilities on several of the old units, new longevity spells, Huli Jing summon, new sprites, conscription more useful.
* New heroes for Agartha, Sauromatia, Eriu, Jomon, Lanka, Marverni.
* Stone beings are now immune from stone sword petrification.
* New horrors
* New event spells: Monster Boar, Send Dream Horror.
* Iron Pigs gives Marverni Iron Boars
* Cave sites, deep sea sites and other sites with a total of 140 new ones
* New bandar summon: Rudra
* New Events
* New icons: diseased, plague carrier, reaper, heretic, healer, poison barbs, reinvigouration, fire power, cold power, storm power, dark power, fortune teller.
* Ko-Oni popytpe added.
* Fir Bolg popytpe added.
* Independent undead apes

Bug Fixes v3.10 Mega- Patch:

* Mac could crash when shift selecting units, fixed.
* Wrong type of local defence under water for some nations, fixed.
* Guru reincarnation bug fixed.
* Some 3.09 heroes with wrong names fixed.
* Monster mod command #reinvigoration didn't work, fixed.
* Weapon mod command #aoe didn't work, fixed.
* Mod command #clearsites didn't work as advertised, fixed.
* Mod command #clearmagic did not work properly on monsters with more than one magic skill, fixed.
* Fixed mod command #secondaryeffectalways.
* Fixed battlefield location on cave battlegrounds.
* Magic scale restrictions for random events didn't work, fixed.
* Magic units without magic leadership fixed.
* Undead units without undead leadership fixed.
* Shuten Doji friendly sleep fix.
* Shuten Doji sleep effect increase.
* Horticulturist no longer harvests his crops with firebrand.
* Tombwyrm & chariot summoning works
* Unholy bless fix.
* Bean Sidhe (undead) enc 0.
* Summon Bean Sidhe fix.
* Seer King enabled.
* Some PD fixes
* Some nation brief_descr fixes

Other Stuff v3.10 Mega- Patch:

* Edi's Great description-fixing.
* New screen resolution 1920*1200 supported.
* Raise dead didn't work properly with corpses from plagues etc. Fixed.
* Ammit -> commander.
* Rain Moddable
* 'Z' cannot be used to steal from mercs.
* Demonbreds not truly demons to disable their unthematic reanimation.
* Deva pretender increased undead leadership
* Magic items on dead people no longer prevents reforging.
* Golem cult statues got darkvision
* Male seducers now seduces females instead of males.
* Cost changes to several units including Shadow vestals, Jaguar warriors, Marverni warriors.
* Troglodyte reduced mr.
* All Mictlan troops forest survival.
* Tempest warriors lost ice prot.
* Indep grimoire slightly improved.
* Hydras remade with 9 heads.
* Maenad new sprite.
* Maenad forest survival.
* MA van home only. Gold cost increase.
* Animal and vegetable names
* Cave sites separated from mountain sites
* Cave province names
Dateiname: dompatch310.exe
Dateigröße: 6 MB

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