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Patch - Diver: Deep Water Adventures : Diver: Deep Water Adventures

  • PC
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Release notes:

1.06 fixes
- 14 mission is fixed

1.05 fixes
- BCD control fix
- Tistlegorm mission fix
- mailbox log fix
- some small bugs

1.04 fixes
- video comics playback fix

1.03 fixes
- Fixed crashes on game load
- Fixed crashes on Alt+Tab
- Fixed lift bags
- Fixed hangup while saving in the tutorial
- Fixed hangup while changing keyboard layout in the tutorial
- Fixed day counter
- Slightly increased view distance
- No more story items appears while passing mission for second time
- Fixed underwater photography tutorial. Camera memory is cleared every time is tutorial started.
- Fixed some missions logic
- Lifted treasures now appears in the treasure list
Dateiname: diverpatch_1_06_ger.zip
Dateigröße: 4 MB

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