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Patch - Die Sims 3 : Digital-Update von v1.26.89 auf v1.29.55

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Wer Die Sims 3 für MacOS X 10.6 als digitale Version in einem Download-Shop erworben und bereits Version 1.26.89 installiert hat, kann sich diesen inkrementellen Patch auf die aktuelle Version v1.29.55 bei uns herunterladen.

Pets Updates

  • When adopting a dog, you will now be shown whether the dog is a Little Dog or a Large Dog.
  • You will now be warned that your Pet cannot have both the Immunity and Vomit Machine Lifetime Rewards at the same time .
  • Knock down wall sound effects properly play now .
  • Camera will now properly display entire pet body when using Randomize to switch between Small and Large dog bodies in Create a Pet .
  • Fixed several translation errors, typos, and general text issues for in-game text.
  • Fixed the pre-set patterns for an adult horse saddle .
  • The Disable Autonomy for a Selected Sim option now persists across multiple game sessions .
  • Text for the Memory of a Bird Dying no longer refers to the Sim as dying .
  • The Locate Prey interaction is now available on the ground as well as the cat .
  • Chased Mailman is now properly set as a Memory .
  • Attend Riding Class interaction now displays proper icon .
  • The Chase Someone wish now displays the proper icons .
  • Have First Kiss Ever Wish now properly displays icon .
  • Horse Granola can no longer be sold at the Grocery Store .
  • Read A Book About Riding Wish now displays proper icon .
  • Added several Child trait animations .
  • Fixed issue found when players go to the Main Menu while the horse is jumping an obstacle .
  • Fixed issue where Clueless Sims would unnecessarily dismount and unsaddle their horse .
  • Route failure while Galloping Around or Going for a Ride on a Horse have been significantly reduced .
  • An issue has been fixed that prevents you from changing a Sim’s outfit category in Create a Sim .
  • When The Sims 3 Ambitions is installed, the Salon will be correctly placed when starting a new game in Appaloosa Plains .
  • Dogs will no longer take an extended amount of time when waking up from sleeping .


  • It will now be easier to tell when the food is empty in the Bird Tree and the bird is starving .
  • The “Call Pet” interaction will now work correctly while your Sim is on a Community Lot .
  • The Young Again Pet Potion can now be used on other Sims’ Lots and Community Lots .
  • Young Adults will no longer receive the Memory of age transitioning into an Adult when a Puppy, Kitten, or Foal age transitions into an Adult .
  • When using the Fire Pit, Sims can no longer roast and eat horse fertilizer .
  • An issue that prevents adopted pets from showing up when selecting a certain lifespan for the Sim has been fixed .
  • Cats will no longer autonomously run through walls or full length windows as though they were doors .
  • Routing issues caused by walking a dog across the bridge in Bridgeport (in The Sims 3 Late Night) have been fixed .
  • An issue has been fixed that caused Unicorns to lose their special powers when using the Make All Happy cheat .
  • When moving in a household with a horse to the lot at 1557 Memorial Parkway in Bridgeport (The Sims 3 Late Night), the horse will no longer be stuck on the lot .
  • A Unicorn’s legs will now animate more smoothly while riding when the game is in Speed 3 .
  • An issue has been fixed that causes two pets to clip with each other while eating the same scrap off the floor .
  • Toddlers can no longer get fleas .
  • Missing memories regarding Sims and Unicorns have been restored .
  • The “Sniff” interaction can now be performed on Celebrity Sims when The Sims 3 Late Night is installed .
  • Sims without dogs will no longer receive the “Your Dog wants to go to the park” wish .
  • Puppies can now be taught any tricks that they do not inherit from their parents .
  • The game will no longer hang on the loading screen when exiting CAS and selecting Options Menu > Main Menu before the loading screen appears .
  • Sims are now able to lead horses through gates .
  • Sims can no longer scatter hay from haystacks that are in use or are being WooHooed in .
  • A routing issue for Sims has been fixed that was caused by planning a route through the space between a Sim and a Horse performing the “Lead Horse” interaction .
  • Your Sim can no longer offer to breed or stud other Sims’ horses .
  • Sims will now receive an award plaque for attaining level 10 Riding Skill .
  • Sims will no longer become invisible while mounted on a Horse during a move to a new household .
  • Trashcans will no longer pop into place when two dogs attempt the “Knock Over” interaction at the same time .
  • Adopted Pets will no longer be delivered while there is a fire on your lot .
  • An error that causes Sims to reset when scooping a dead fish out of an aquarium has been fixed .
  • An error that causes Sims to reset when performing the “Check Weekly Events” interaction has been fixed .
  • An error that causes Sims to reset when attempting to put a unicorn in a box stall and at the same time ordering the animal to return to wild has been fixed .
  • Several routing issues involving horse jump obstacles have been fixed .
  • Proper Riding and Racing Skill icons have been added to wishes and TNS messages involving these skills .
  • Gender restricted doors will no longer restrict pets from entering rooms .
  • Pets will no longer get the Training Fatigue moodlet when they reach the maximum level of that skill .
  • Pets will no longer appear as targets when selecting the “Bring Drink to…” interaction .
  • Pet images in the Adopt a Pet catalogs have had their visual quality improved .
  • A horse’s energy motive will now increase in the event that a horse passes out .
  • A non-player controlled Sim’s pets will now return to their household at night .
  • Objects can no longer be placed on upper walls that contain large barn doors .
  • You will now get a TNS message alerting you when a Cat with the Hunting Skill is not able to find the prey type selected by the user .
  • A few issues involving neighborhood adoption pets and moving/merging households have been fixed .
  • Large dogs will no longer get stuck on a platform when standing between the edge and another object .
  • Dogs will now route correctly into position when eating off of a Sim’s plate on the floor .
  • An issue has been fixed that caused birds on the Bird Tree to appear incorrectly .
  • Large Birds will now display thought balloons when using speech types as reactions .
  • Cat Wall Dancer icons have been enlarged to match the size and quality of other objects’ icons .
  • Horses will no longer pop out when directed to exit a Box Stall while standing at the gate .
  • Foals inside a box stall can now perform the “Nicker At” interaction without route failing .
  • Newborn Foals will no longer have oversized or oddly placed markings when born .
  • An issue where Ghost Horses do not disappear after a certain amount of time has been fixed .
  • Cats will no longer perform the “Scratch” interaction on a kicked over gnome .
  • An issue has been fixed that caused birds to pop when in the “Carry” interaction .
  • Addressed a freeze when players Move In an adoption household in the neighborhood view
  • Cats that play in the Hydrocombo Spa will no longer teleport .
  • Stylists will no longer receive job requests from pets
  • The Lifespan maximum in Pets is now the same as the Lifespan maximum from Generations
  • The Nap interaction on a pet bed now ends correctly when cancelled
  • Sims may no longer purchase Pet food from the bistro without Pets installed
  • Sims now bring puppies and kittens inside when dropping them off after being adopted
  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features.

Generations Updates

  • Fixed an animation glitch with Elders using a cane while interacting with seated Sims .
  • The Heart of Stone and No Jealousy Lifetime Rewards now prevent the Accuse of Cheating social from being used against the Sim with the rewards .
  • Imaginary friend no longer remains visible on the relationship panel after being gifted .
  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features.

Late Night Updates

  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features.

Ambitions Updates

  • The 1366×768 aspect ratio is now properly listed in Options .
  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features.

World Adventures Updates

  • An issue that caused Sims to go invisible when traveling to a Vacation world has been fixed .
  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features.

Base Game Updates

  • An issue has been fixed that caused new Moodlets from store objects to be broken once installed .
  • Fish now have a proper graphic when being caught without Pets installed
  • Fixed a lighting issue involving Sim baby heads .
  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features.

Store Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the repo-man becomes stuck after uninstalling certain store content items
  • Fixed an issue where the ladle failed to function with the magic cauldron

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