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Patch - Die Gilde 2 : Die Gilde 2

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About this patch
Patch 1.0 to 1.3 fixes several smaller and larger problems - particularly
the network instability and performance. In addition, a variety of features
were added, and the balancing of the individual professions has been

Below, you will find a list of all new features and the most important

- The building list on the right edge of the screen can now be sorted
according to three categories: Public buildings (town hall, market),
Business buildings (your own businesses), and Residences (your own
- With the 'Important Units' button on the lower right edge of the screen,
you can now get an overview of important people and your own buildings
and their inhabitants

Council meeting
- Characters can now apply for offices which are already occupied, competing against the current office holders
- Dismissal and new election for an office now take place in one and the same
council meeting

Dynasty character measures
- The building upgrade 'Escritoire' in your residence unlocks
the measure 'Diplomatic relations', which you can use to change
your relationship with all other dynasties
- The measure 'Give someone a gift' now also works for individuals of the
same sex; men prefer weapons and armour, while women prefer
jewellery and perfume
- Characters can now sit and rest in certain places throughout the world,
which regenerates their health
- In taverns, it is possible to sit and have a drink.
After a while the character will become drunk
- You can use the measure button 'Speak' or the 'R' key to have your
character say something. The text you enter will then appear in
a speech bubble over the character's head
- It is now possible to transfer an item from your inventory to that
of another dynasty character

Building measures
- Your own buildings can now be razed using the measure 'Tear down building'
- Offers to sell one of your own buildings can now be cancelled

Professions & Businesses
- The raw material 'Barley' has been removed
- The raw material 'Pig' and therefore also 'Pork' have been removed
- As soon as the building upgrade 'Sinner's secretary' has been built
in Catholic churches, letters of indulgence can be used inside the

Multi-player mode
- Lobby: Enter 'WHO' or 'LIST' in the chat window of the Internet
lobby in order to view all the players in the lobby
- Lobby: By double-clicking on the name, you can remove a player
who has joined your game

Known problems
================================================== =====================

Operating system
- If you are using Microsoft Vista(TM) as an operating system, we recommend at
least 2 GB of RAM because of the large RAM load

Multi-player game
- In a game with more than 4 participants over the Internet, there may be
connection problems even in the lobby
- The 'NOD32 Antivirus Software' should definitely be deactivated during a
network game. In general, virus scanners and firewalls may cause problems

Multi-player mode recommendations
================================================== =====================
If >The Guild 2< is played in a network with an activated firewall,
the following ports used by >The Guild 2< must be cleared:

- (TCP/IP, UDP) 2801
- (TCP/IP, UDP) 2816
- (TCP/IP, UDP) 30180

If a game of >The Guild 2< is to be hosted on a computer which
connects to the Internet through a router, the following optional(!)
additional steps can be taken by experts(!):

- Enable Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) on the router
- Additionally required ports: (TCP/IP, UDP) 15666 (host/server port)
- Entering [HostIP=""] in the Config.ini defines the
locally used IP-Interface and the port

Graphics card compatibility
================================================== =====================
During the development of the patch 1.0 to 1.3, the programme was tested
with the following graphics cards:

• ATI Radeon 8500
• ATI Radeon 9000
• ATI Radeon 9200
• ATI Radeon 9500
• ATI Radeon 9600
• ATI Radeon 9700
• ATI Radeon 9800
• ATI Radeon X300
• ATI Radeon X500
• ATI Radeon X600
• ATI Radeon X700
• ATI Radeon X800
• ATI Radeon X1800
• ATI Radeon X1900
• Geforce 4/Ti 4800
• Geforce FX 5200
• Geforce PCX 5300
• Geforce FX 5500
• Geforce FX 5600
• Geforce FX 5700
• Geforce FX 5900
• Geforce 6200
• Geforce 6500
• Geforce 6600
• Geforce 6800
• Geforce 7800
• Geforce 7900
Dateiname: Guild2_Patch_German_1XXto130.exe
Dateigröße: 106 MB

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