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Patch - Depths of Peril : Auch MacOS-Version profitiert von Verbesserungen

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Changes in 1.015

fixed Cuastic Grotto spelling
fixed localization issue on vendor and bookshelf screens
fixed Ember Necklace not localized correctly
made Stats::increaseStat a bit safer from overflows
can now give food/potions to people from other covenants if adventuring with them
now recruits from other covenants keep their bonuses after death
fixed next target command
fixed treasure map quests to not get out of range of the world
made kidnapping quest a bit easier
fixed a rare item drop crash on Mac
fixed fire mastery not effecting Spontaneous Combustion correctly
fixed sweepingflames, ice storm, chain lightning, ball lightning mastery issues
fixed a way npcs could potentially get stuck casting

Dateiname: DopMacPatch1015.zip
Dateigröße: 3 MB

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