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Patch - Depths of Peril : Auch Mac bekommt vorerst letztes Update

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fixed a crash trying to access invalid resources (Bluddy)


fixed a cursor/selection issue


fixed a vendor exploit
updated copyright
fixed a couple dialog typos
fixed turning off XP numbers option (Castruccio)
changed to a perspective view (can turn off in graphics options)
added advanced shadows option
now UI centers when in widescreen (no longer stretches)
fixed Gabardine spelling
changed Dorr to Thaden in a few places
fixed a world map blink issue on first viewing
handle failure when grabbing rendering context better now
now saving is much safer
player now auto collects nearby gold
now can rebind alt and ctrl
added SetClipboardText support to Mac
added chest rewards to major boss rewards
made war and raid agreements less exploitable

Dateiname: DopMacPatch1018_OSX.zip
Dateigröße: 4 MB

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