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Patch - Deer Hunter 5 : Deer Hunter 5

  • PC
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  • Animations for .243 semi-auto fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect button showing up for .300 win mag.
  • Added .44 Mag lever action rifle.
  • Fixed issue with huge scores in Virtual Season.
  • Fixed issue with 14 point racks not showing up on mule deer.
  • Fixed issue with gun sight settings not being reloaded in some hunts.
  • Fixed issue with fawns having racks.
  • Fixed issue with fine scope movement being frozen as the player crosses due south
  • Fixed several crashes in hunt
  • Game now saves the backpack layout after each hunt so players do not have to reload the backpack.
  • Fixed issue with scope sensitivity not being reloaded every time.
  • Fixed issue with muzzleloader misfire chances.
  • Fixed issue with deer spooking immediately upon entering hunt
  • Fixed visual issue of Virtual Season stats overwriting other text.
  • Fixed visual issue in Settings screen.
  • Attempted to fix issue with deer getting stuck in animation loop falling down and getting back up.
Dateiname: dh5v11-v12.exe
Dateigröße: 3 MB

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