Patch - Crusader Kings II : Wieder neues Update für den PC

  • PC
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  • Changed the way levies reinforce (to fix a rounding bug.) This will overall reduce levy reinforcement rates a bit.
  • Tech spread no longer gets stuck at 5
  • Patricians with no landed holdings now correctly get some random courtiers (which they can, for example, marry)
  • Euboia is no longer "Ocean" terrain
  • Westfriesland is no longer "Ocean" terrain
  • You can no longer become a truce breaker from failed imprisonments or title revokations, or wars from events, plots or factions
  • 867: Gave Almos, the ruler of the Magyars, and his son Arpad scripted traits
  • 867: Slightly strengthened the initial Magyar army
  • Kingdoms with a king can now also de jure drift into empires
Dateiname: ck2_1_103_patch.exe
Dateigröße: 180 MB

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