Patch - Crusader Kings II : Weitere Bugfixes für den PC-Titel

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  • You can now ask to join many types of wars
  • Participants in wars now get a contribution score which determines how much prestige and piety they get when the war ends
  • Crusades now target entire de jure kingdoms. The Pope declares the war and other rulers can then join the attacking alliance. The one who contributes the most gains the targeted kingdom.
  • Streamlined marriage interface allowing matrilineal betrothals
  • Loads of new events for regencies, friendships and rivalries
  • Plot to revoke the title of a vassal
  • The Kill Plot is now more available and targets a wider selection of logical characters
  • Portrait clothes are now uncoupled from ethnicity
  • Added Causes of Death
  • Added some purely naval mercenary units
  • Improved military AI
  • Armies can now be "attached" to each other, which means they will just follow the lead army
  • Duchies can now be assimilated into another de jure kingdom (takes 100 years)
  • Now possible to create titular titles at double cost if you hold the scripted capital
Dateiname: CK2_1_05_patch.exe
Dateigröße: 41 MB

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