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Patch - Crusader Kings II : Nächstes Update für den PC

  • PC
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  • Added a Trade Post limit for patricians, based on palace upgrades and number of adult males in court
  • Family dues are now given only to adult males of your family in your court, and they all receive the same share
  • Patricians can no longer increase their Demesne limit with higher tier titles. However, the Doge gets +1
  • Patricians who imprison or banish someone now get a tyranny opinion penalty from everyone in the whole Republic
  • Patricians no longer confiscate gold from dynasty members that they banish
  • Doges can no longer use the Seize Trade Post plot
  • Patricians can now only use the Seize Trade Post plot on Patricians owning more Trade Posts than themselves
  • The Seize Trade Post plot now always costs a small amount of money to implement
  • The Holy War CB no longer works against too distant targets
  • Sieging will siege back your own holdings first
Dateiname: ck2_1_092_patch.exe
Dateigröße: 152 MB

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