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Patch - Combat Mission: Fortress Italy : Erster Patch für die PC-Version

  • PC
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  • Mortars work better with the Target Briefly command.
  • Target Briefly command works when attached to waypoints.
  • Corrected a problem with marking mines making a unit get 'stuck'.
  • Breda M30 LMG reloads more slowly.
  • Breda M37 MMG reloads more quickly.
  • Easier to delete old saved games.
  • Minor corrections to soldier uniform details.
  • Clear Target command key is user-configurable.
  • Fixed a trick that allowed mortars to retain existing LOF after moving to a blocked position.
  • Driver is shown in the PSW 233.
  • M3 GMC and T30 halftracks correctly move a crewman to replace a howitzer gunner casualty.
  • TacAI makes better decisions about using HE vs. HEAT against building area targets.
  • Renault R35 shows correct icon for coaxial MG.
  • Corrections to small-arms ammo inside Italian bunkers.

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Dateiname: cmfi_v101_patch_setup.exe
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