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Patch - Ceville : Patch zum Adventure!

  • PC
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Zum Adventure Ceville gibt es einen neuen Patch auf Version, den ihr kostenlos von unserem Server herunterladen könnt. Was sich mit dem Update ändert, entnehmt ihr dem Changelog weiter unten.


• Fix: Randomly truncated speech output
• Fix: System mouse cursor in main menu, main menu doesn't respond to clicks
• Fix: Video playback problems on some setups
• Fix: Ambrosius is playable, but the camera shows the room
• Fix: Pirate keeps eating nachos when the act is loaded
• Fix: Can use hamster wheel with hamster as Ceville
• Fix: Actress drops through the trapdoor even if she doesn't dance
• Fix: Project folder doesn't disappear once the demon leaves the graveyard
• Fix: Nachos don't disappear when Ceville eats them
• Fix: Crowbar can be clicked once it's broken
• Fix: Lighting issues with the flag
• Fix: Lilly can interact with the flag while it's in the elevator
• Fix: Can't pick up cherry tartlets as Ceville in elevator
• Fix: Druid goes watching the geyser when he's already at the council
• Fix: A number of non-respondant item combinations gave no feedback whatsoever
• Fix: incorrect line breaks in dialog boxes
• A number of other minor script changes
• NPCs background talk volume hardcoded to 0, to stop them from talking during player dialog
• Some attempts were made to reduce game freezes and crashes when looking at the map in act 2, but the cause remains elusive
• Frame limitation
• Prevent launching the game with an invalid language


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