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Patch - Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood : Holt euch den ersten Patch

  • PC
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Ubisoft hat den ersten Patch für die PC-Version von Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood veröffentlicht, der das Spiel auf Version 1.1 hievt.


  • Added auto-patching functionality
  • Added community map support for single- and multiplayer

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed crashing on the game start on quad core CPU systems
  • Fixed an issue resulting in lost connection to internet lobby
  • Fixed a framerate-related issue with stagecoach chase in single-player Chapter 3


  • Time limits added to multiplayer games to prevent too high money gains from a single match
  • Added the ability to disable sticky aim with dual guns
  • Spawn invincibility time extended, spawn effect changed
  • Added cheater reporting system
  • Added chat functionality on the character selection screen after death
  • Code modified to increase protection from cheats and hacks

Class balance:

  • Spy: damage increased; health increased;
  • Gunslinger: recoil reduced; accuracy improved;
  • Hombre: recoil and reload time increased; damage at long range significantly reduced;
  • Veteran: health and accuracy decreased; additional pistols removed;
  • Sniper: no-scope accuracy and damage significantly reduced; health decreased; sidearm Ranger swapped for Classic Gun

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