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Patch - Call of Duty: World at War : Erstes Update für den Weltkriegsshooter

  • PC
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Der erste Patch bringt Call of Duty: World at War auf Version 1.1 und behebt zahlreiche Fehler. Welche genau, entnehmt ihr bitte dem Changelog.

  • Mods are now enabled in Co-op, Single Player, and Multiplayer.
  • Players will now be notified when a new patch is available.
  • Improvements for SLI support.
  • G_Spawn: no free entities crash has been fixed.
  • Server no longer runs out of script variables.
  • License key is no longer required to run a Dedicated Server.
  • A Dedicated Server can now be started from the Command Line via Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Various fixes in Server Browser.
  • Players will no longer see multiple friend invites from the same friends.
  • When a player calls in a recon plane in a Hardcore match, the HUD will properly appear.
  • Clan Tags will now display in game where appropriate.
  • Map holes fixed
  • Spawn improvements and weapon balancing
  • remote desktop now works with dedicated servers

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