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Patch - Borderlands : Der Patch für die unzensierte Version

  • PC
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  • Added support for Logitech LCD screens on the G13 gameboard and G15/G19 Keyboards
  • Added Steam Achievements

The monochrome G13/G15 LCD screens are capable of displaying quests in your quest log, and has your entire friends list at your fingertips. See what your friends are up to and press a single button to send them an invite to join your game!

The color G19 LCD screen has your experience level and cash, your full quest log, your weapon proficiencies, and a full friends list with invite capability.

42 of the game's 70 achievements will unlock retroactively as soon as you load up a saved game that should have them unlocked! An additional 12 are unlockable by either traveling to the zones you've already got fast travel unlocked for or by earning one more action-skill kill.

Dateiname: borderlands_worldwide_update_pc_1.31.zip
Dateigröße: 195 MB

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