Patch - Assassin's Creed: Revelations : Patch: Version 1.02 jetzt downloaden

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Ab sofort steht der manuelle Patch auf Version 1.02 auch auf unseren Servern zur Verfügung.

  • Bug Fix: The icon for the hidden tomb Vlad's Prison disappears from Sophia's shop if the user uses the travel station
  • Bug Fix: If the user starts and completes a mission while assassins are sent in a "Defend the City" mediterranean mission, the defense mission will be canceled and the assassins will be available again
  • Bug Fix: Assassins guild challenges: counter stays at 11/12, preventing player from getting related achievement/trophies
  • Bug Fix: If the fight with Tarik event triggers while Tarik is outside the circle made of janissaries, the user won't be able to kill him due to an invisible collision and he will remain stuck inside unless he has impact bombs in inventory
  • Crash Fix: Fixed rare crash when the user is running from guards in a contested den district
Dateiname: ac_revelations_1.02_eu.exe
Dateigröße: 544 MB

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