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Patch - All Aspect Warfare : Weitere Verbesserungen mit neuem Patch

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[1.00.37] | 10-14-09]

- Dedicated console server files are now available and can be downloaded from the shortcut provided. Do NOT install these files into the game folder!! Extract to its own folder and read the PDF file for setup instructions.
- [GEN] FIXED: Some invincible objects (e.g. DJP, supply stations) could sometimes be destroyed under some circumstances.

[1.00.36] | 09-27-09]

- [GEN] FIXED: Truncated rank names in fp HUD to fix overflow into combat kills
- [GEN] FIXED: weapon view remained locked when running from prone pose.
- [GEN] FIXED: comm log wasn't being restored when restoring a saved game.

Dateiname: AllAspectWarfare_1_00_37_UPD.exe
Dateigröße: 15 MB

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