Freeware - Games for Windows Live : Neue Features & Bugfixes

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    Microsoft hat eine neue Version des Games for Windows Live Installers veröffentlicht. Die neue Fassung v3.3 beinhaltet neue Features sowie Bugfixes.

    New Additions

    • Network Troubleshooter for assisting with connectivity issues
    • Feedback submission option in header
    • Extensive Logging to text file for troubleshooting
    • Ability to change the Game Add-ons installation folder (Settings)
    • Customer Experience Improvement Program opt-in/out (Settings)
    • Marketplace localized for Hong Kong, Singapore, and India
    • Minor visual tweaks

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Better handling and recovery of downloading error scenarios
    • Improved download performance
    • More responsive interface
    • Better handling of download file corruption
    • Download progress indicator more granular
    • Numerous bug fixes to improve stability and reliability
    Dateiname: gfwlivesetupmin_v33.exe
    Dateigröße: 28 MB

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