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Das Team von Harmonix hat sich die Mühe gemacht, um auch bei der Neuauflage des Musikspiels Amplitude für die PlayStation 4 einige Achievements einzubauen. Damit ihr auch bloß keines davon verpasst, haben wir sie allesamt in einer Liste zusammengefasst. Bitte sehr:

Pathway Restored - Complete a song in any mode.

Emergency Care - Restore a broken streak using Cleanse or Flow.

Accelerated Response - Clear two consecutive sequences on opposite sides.

Aggressive Tendencies - Clear two consecutive sequences and use Eject, Disrupt, or Cleanse against an opponent in between.

Group Therapy - Score 4000+ on a song as a team.

Overachiever - Get 100% sequences cleared on a song.

Imperturbable - Keep your streak and earn 100+ points through Disrupt.

Golden Child - Get a triple gold bar rating on three different songs.

Synesthete - Complete Dalatecht on any difficulty in Campaign mode.

Comprehensive Treatment - Complete a full 15-song Campaign on Intermediate difficulty or above.

Total Awareness - Unlock all songs.

Aggregate Results - Get more than 45000 points on the overall leaderboard.

Super FreQ Out - Complete a song in FreQ mode on Super difficulty.

Luminary - Get a triple bar rating on all songs.

Fluid Intelligence - Complete a 15-song campaign on Expert difficulty or above without failing, retrying, or quitting.

Closure - Complete all songs on Super difficulty.

Superhuman - Collect all other trophies.

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